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Body types vary across the board and sometimes finding the right fit can be difficult. Fortunately we’ve created some insightful tools to help you better size up your Blitz Belt weightlifting belt. Use the guide below to select which ‘body type’ you feel is most representative. Remember, our informative sizing guide is meant to help steer you through the selection process. We approach our process with a great deal of seriousness and dedication to our product, but we also enjoy a good laugh and a smile. Please do not take offense to our sizing guide. If you feel that we failed to provide accurate guidance on fit or if you ARE in fact a dinosaur or identify as a dinosaur and you feel that we did not give just representation to your dino heritage, please send us an email. We neither condone nor condemn dinosaur-like behavior. We just make weightlifting belts. The best weightlifting belts.  

Body Types



 Built for Speed
Slim and wiry. Typically thinner physique with a longer torso and more streamlined shape with longer levers. Height will vary. Waist size and belt size are more true to fit. For instance: Person A, Male, is 6’4” and weighs 195lb. Waist size is 32/33. Belt size is a 2. Person B, Female, is 5’2” and weighs 125lb with a 29” waist. Belt size is a solid 1.

Built for Power



Compact frame yet fully-loaded. Shorter torso and levers which normally allows for greater output of Work. More Work = more Power. More Power = More awesomer. Body type usually boasts a broader chest and overall stouter Trunk. Waist size and belt size sometimes do not match up, given compactness and girth of Torso. May need to size up. For instance: Person A, Male, is 5’10” and weighs 205lb. Waist size is 34. Belt size is a solid 3.


Mighty and Powerful


The ultimate showcase of speed and power. Usually taller in height and sturdy with long levers, long torso and a broad frame. Size doesn’t always matter but in this case, it does. Size and shear Power run hand in hand. Waist size usually matches up well with belt size, but really depends on torso girth. For instance: Person A, Male, is 6’5” and weighs 231lbs with a 34/35” waist. Wears a size 3 Blitz Belt but on the cusp of a size 2.

Really not Sure?
Not Sure?

Not sure? No problem! We have a lot of experience in this area and are here to help! If you have access to a belt at your gym, try it on and let us know how it fits. Most weight lifting belts are 4” wide - just like our standard Blitz Belts. If a 4” wide belt is too wide and feels restrictive, you may need a narrower belt - our Blitz Belts SLIM editions are only 3” wide! If you still don’t know, shoot us an email and we are happy to get you sized up!



Belt Placement 

Understanding belt placement is key when sizing your Blitz Belt weightlifting belt. Placement is also critical to insure you maximize the benefits of using weightlifting support while minimizing the risks of lifting heavy. Ideally you want your belt to fit securely just above, or right at your HIPS, and just below, or right at your bottom-most RIB when securely fastened. The diagram below helps demonstrate this. Keep in mind that this is a ‘generalized’ best fit scenario and many people will fall outside or inside of this range.

Weight Lifting Belt Placement

Blitz Belts Sizes









 Don't see your size? Shoot us an email - we can custom make it!

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