Get grippy with Blitz Gripz


  1. Can I return my Blitz Belt if it does not fit? As long as it has not been worn other than to test fit. If a belt is returned for refund, an $8 restock fee will be applied to your refund.
  2. What if I cannot figure out my size? Simply email us and we will happily help you through the sizing process.
  3. Will wearing a Blitz Belt give me superhuman strength? NO!
  4. Why are Blitz Belts so awesome? If you are asking that question, you probably need to buy two. But, honestly it is our signature design and dedication to providing the best in weightlifting belt support to our awesome community.
  5. Will wearing a Blitz Belt improve my PRs? Plausible!
  6. I have never worn a weight belt before...I am interested in trying one out. Does that make me "belt-curious?" Yes. Yes it does. 
  7. What happens when my Blitz Belt wears out? Click Here.
  8. If all superheroes wear Blitz Belts, and I wear a Blitz Belt, does that make me a superhero? It's probable.
  9. If I sleep with my Blitz Belt, is it considered cheating? No. Though, you may need to talk to someone...
  10. Is it true that a Blitz Belt on a back is worth two in the Box?...yes...?
  11. Will wearing a Blitz Belt increase my chances of finding a squeeze in the gym? Yes by at least 20%.
  12. If I miss my anniversary, should I rebound with a Blitz Belt for my boo thang? Absolutely.
  13. How much is a Blitz Belt? "If you have to ask, you can't afford it." 
  14. If I turn it around, can my Blitz Belt take the place of a cummerbund? Does the Pope $h*t in the woods? Yes! 
  15. Who makes Blitz Belts? Well, that is a secret. But let's just say, they are proudly made in the USA.
  16. Are Blitz Belts bulletproof? NO!
  17. What happens if I break my Blitz Belt? Stop working out. You have maxed out your experience and have become a Dungeon Master. JK. Send us an email and we will fix you up!
  18. Where can I buy a Blitz Belt? Click Here. 
  19. I am a level 5 fighter/thief at my gym. How will a Blitz Belt affect my attributes? Speed + 100, Strength +100, Armor + 5, Chance to Block +30, 
  20. Can I wear my Blitz Belt outside of the gym? Yes!
  21. Should I coordinate my shoes to match my Blitz Belt? Yes! And when you run out of color combos, check out one of our newest Blitz designs.
  22. Do I wear the Blitz Belt or does it wear me? Athlete and belt converge to become one.
  23. Does wearing a Blitz Belt improve gainz? Yez?
  24. What the heck is a Blitz Belt? Let's just say that functionality came together with badassness and had a baby. And that baby was a Blitz Belt. 
  25. Will my Blitz Belt last forever? With proper use and care, it will last a long time, but unfortunately, No...
  26. Is Blitz Belts the best belt on the market? Honestly, Blitz is damn good and we take a lot of pride in our product. But, we leave that up to you to decide. Order one and find out for yourself.

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