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Use of Blitz Belt Disclaimer


  • Blitz Belts weightlifting belts are designed and intended to be used in accordance with proper lifting techniques and practices. 
  • Blitz Belts is not responsible for misuse of the weightlifting belt.
  • Blitz Belts weightlifting belts have been tested and proven in lifts exceeding 600lbs. However, Blitz Belts does not condone lifting weight outside of one's capability and advises against “max out” lifting or lifting under extreme fatigue or failure. 
  • Blitz Belts strongly recommends that all belt users conduct their lifts in the presence and guidance of a professional trainer.
  • Blitz Belts strongly recommends that all athletes, novices, and weightlifting belt users to consult a doctor or other board-certified medical representative before performing any lifts with a weightlifting belt.
  • By purchasing and removing the Blitz Belt weightlifting belt from it's packaging, the owner assumes all responsibility of use and understands the risks of performing potentially dangerous movements with their weightlifting belt. These movements include, but are not limited to:
    • Back Squats
    • Front Squats
    • Overhead Squats
    • Cleans (any kind)
    • Jerks (any kind)
    • Bench Press
    • Atlas Stones 
  • When sharing a Blitz Belt weightlifting belt, the owner assumes responsibility of the person or persons using their Blitz Belt weightlifting belt and all above disclaimers apply. 



  • Blitz Belts is not responsible for any damages to the weightlifting belt if misuse of the belt is a determining factor.
  • Misuse of your Blitz Belt which results in damage the the belt will void the warranty.
  • Each Blitz Belt weightlifting belt comes with a 12 month guarantee which covers any product defect which may occur. Product defects include, but are not limited to:
    • Stitching coming apart.
    • Cracks or splits in the metal buckle.
  • Aesthetic variations do not affect the structural integrity nor operation of a Blitz Belt weightlifting belt and do not qualify as a product defect. These variations include, but are not limited to:
    • Discolorations in the leather
    • Stitch placement and over stitching 
  • Please contact us with any additional questions regarding your Blitz Belt.

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