Get grippy with Blitz Gripz

Blitz Gripz SIZING

There are tons of gymnastics grips on the market, each with its own fit and feel and choosing the right fit can seem like a challenge. Luckily we are here to help!

Blitz Gripz are designed to fit snug around the wrist with the palm pad extending to the fingertips (or above*). No finger holes means the palm pad is intended to lay flat on the bar or rings and not form a “dowel” in the palm.

*Note that some athletes prefer a longer palm pad and our fit calculator is more a general guideline and does not reflect the personal preference of all athletes. When in doubt, go with what you know!

How to Measure:

Measuring Tape/Ruler

Using a measuring tape or ruler, start at the base of the wrist, and while keeping your tape or ruler straight, measure to the tip of your middle finger.

Use this measurement to compare your hand size to the chart above.

If you fall on the high side of your fit range, we suggest choosing the next sizing option!


Click the link above to download and print a true-to-size fit guide. Once printed, overlay your hand to the guide - match your palm exactly to ensure an accurate fit. With your palm firmly placed on the guide, take note of the suggested fit range near your fingertips. 

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