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    Strength. Durability. Speed.


    The Blitz Belt is constructed with a specific purpose. It needs to be strong, durable and offer quick operation. Its strength comes from its unique layering of choice materials, specifically a genuine leather lining. This leather lining not only gives the Blitz Belt its signature trademark it also adds considerable strength and longevity.


    A weightlifting belt is only as strong as its latching mechanism. We took that into account when we developed the Blitz Belt. It is true that Velcro latching is not as strong as a metal latch or a pronged buckle, but we spared no expense in providing the strongest latching possible without sacrificing the Blitz Belt’s purpose: it needs to be strong, durable and offer quick operation. So, what we have is a Metcon style weightlifting belt that can be kept around the waist and quickly cinched or loosened within seconds. We use 3” Hook on our main strap and fully cover the Belt’s latching surface with industrial-grade Loop, giving maximum surface area coverage and latching strength. Numerous athletes have tested a Blitz Belt with lifts well beyond 500lbs without any compromise of latching.


    Humble Beginnings


    Blitz Belts was born out of need - the need to have a quick-operating, quality-made Metcon style weight lifting belt that not only performed beyond expectation, but held up over months, even years of hard training. Oh, and it needed to look much more betterer and mostest badasser than all of the other options available at the time. In order to achieve this, a conventional approach to methodology was not going to cut it. So cut it we did. Belts that is. Those first several months we butchered and dissected numerous weight lifting belts to better understand their construction and how best we could improve our concept. We learned that combining the strength of a leather power lifting belt with the speed of a modern fabric Velcro belt would give us all of the attributes we wanted. We Frankensteined a few belt pieces together to create a few working prototypes. After putting those first test belts through the ringer, we made further improvements and soon launched with our first production model in March of 2015. With the support of our amazing community, the Blitz Belt was an instant hit! The rest is history. Though, we are always improving and perfecting our design.

    The First Blitz Belt



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