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Battle Belt

Battle Belt by Blitz

Serve. Protect. Defend. Uphold. These are simple actions which carry incalculable risk, sacrifice and unwaning gratitude. Our servicemen and women unapologetically choose to represent the virtues and values of our Nation through selfless actions, stand up for those who cannot defend themselves and to protect and aid those in need. Service is a commitment many of us are unwilling to make, yet often take for granted. To those individuals who’ve served and to those currently in service, we thank you.

It is with great appreciation that we are proud to offer the Battle Belt - A custom Blitz Belts option, specifically for those who've served or are currently serving. This option takes old, worn out or retired BDUs and other service dress, and turns them into a custom Blitz Belt, built to the exact specs and dimensions of the wearer.

How it Works

Purchase your Battle Belt by Blitz. Ship us your BDUs or service dress. With your design preferences, we will mock up your custom Battle Belt and email you a design draft for your approval. Once approved, we will get to sewing.


Once we have your BDU or preferred uniform materials, our design team will get your mock up prepared and sent over within 24 hours. After approval, production can take up to two weeks depending upon current production volume. 

Battle Belt Patch

Each eligible Battle Belt recipient will also receive one of our Blitz Belts Service Patches. We only issue these to retired and active service men and women with time spend in our US Military Branches and Coastguard. 


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