BLITZ BASH II Has been rescheduled and will begin April 11, 2021
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    Reps for Pets!



    Register HERE.

    Submit Score HERE.

    All proceeds go toward Animal Care.

    Blitz Belt’s Reps for Pets is an online fundraiser consisting of three, 60 second complete-at-home workouts designed to keep our fitness community engaged and help ensure animals in need are receiving adequate care and attention.

    After registering, you will have until Friday, April 10 at 5pm EST to conquer each workout and submit your scores via You may also redo and resubmit as many times as needed to improve your score up until the deadline. The three complete-at-home workouts will consist of:

    • Push Ups
    • Air Squats
    • Forward Lunges.


    Participation in Reps for Pets is voluntary and by completing your payment to donate to Animal Care, you understand and adhere to the inherent risks in performing physical exercise and waive your right to hold Blitz Belts and its affiliates, Local Comp and Animal Care liable for any damages or injury that may occur as a result of participating in Reps for Pets.


    Besides maintaining your fitness, the real winners are the pets! So, you will have to wait until Blitz Bash II to test your mettle against other brutes to take home the gold!

    However, we are doing a giveaway to the winning gym for a Blitz Belt’s Stimulus Belt Package consisting of 4 Custom C.O.R.E. Belts - one size 1, two size 2s and one size 3.

    How it works: The winning gym will be determined by raffle. When registering, you will choose your gym or affiliate and that gym or affiliate will receive one raffle ticket. The more members a gym has registered for Reps for Pets, the more chances they have to win! We will do a live drawing Friday, April 3 at 7pm EST and announce the winning gym or affiliate at that time.

    More Raffle Tickets!

    For each member that submits a video via Instagram of at least one of their workouts, and tags their gym or affiliate, that gym or affiliate will receive one additional raffle ticket. Also, don’t forget to tag @blitzbelts so we can verify the submission and add the additional raffle ticket.


    Please be sure to strive for good reps. Bad or short reps only impacts your fitness. Also, there is no glory in saying you did 200 Air Squats at quarter depth.

    Make sure your chest touches the ground and your arms come to a full extension at the top. If you need to modify your Push Ups with a band or from a knee position, please do. No kipping Push Ups… That shouldn’t even be a thing, but it is in some gyms.

    Strive to break parallel at the hips and come to a full extension when completing your Squat rep. It is only 60 seconds so try and refrain from putting your hands on your knees or thighs, you aren’t making a twerk video.

    Be sure to alternate legs every rep and ensure your knee touches the floor. If you need to modify your Lunge with a pad for your knee or stepping backward, please do. Again, these are for you to push yourself and raise a little money for the pets.

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